Monitor IT Ensures Uptime and Availability

Monitor IT

Monitor IT is a robust IT solution that provides real time reporting on your IT infrastructure and systems. The solution helps ensure your infrastructure uptime availability and performance. A variety of reports are available on your servers, websites, cloud infrastructure, routers, switches, printers, networks and peripherals to help analyze and isolate issues before they arise. Receive real-time data and information you need to make the right business decisions.

Monitor IT


Monitor IT can quickly be deployed and configured for simple and complex environments. Applying the right policy modules will ensure that specific event IDs and requests are made for those unique components and are reported back to the dashboard within our toolset. Depending on the requirements, a secure agent will be installed on your operating systems and send back encrypted traffic to our Network Operations Centre (NOC).

Live Reporting

The onsite management agents automatically perform secure, comprehensive scans of your environment. They gather all relevant information that you would need to maintain your IT assets with unparalleled efficiency. The agents securely communicate with our NOC team, who have a customized dashboard view of your environment and will notify you as soon as an incident is identified. Our NOC technicians will monitor all devices on your site to bring attention to availability and operating performance.

Integration Monitor IT

Managed and Monitored

Many of our customers and partners opt for monitoring versus managed services when they want to augment their existing capabilities by offloading the burden of 24/7 alerting, and enabling a reactive and information-based service. Subscribing to Monitor IT allows you to have a full 24/7 team of NOC engineers reviewing threshold alerts without the added managed components like patching, restoring and change management. Monitor IT ® is a great complement to an existing IT team and can integrate easily into any ticket management service.

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